Interim Professionals

Mobilizing the right balance of industry expertise and unparalleled skills to deliver immediate results.


Our Interim Professionals (IP) Program provides interim industry experts and professionals in the areas of Quality, Research & Development, Manufacturing, Sourcing, Operations, and Regulatory Affairs.

Replacement of key positions often takes time. QualityHub will fill the positions immediately with interim industry experts who will perform the duties until the permanent position is filled or no longer needed. The flexibility of using our Interim Professionals can work to your advantage. We provide prompt placement, varying durations of engagement, supervision, coordination, and a simple and understandable billing structure.

QualityHub’s Interim Professionals are available for many levels of the organization, and can augment your workforce while they are temporarily working on projects, programs, initiatives, or a product launch. The Interim Professional’s duration at your company can range from a few months to several years. The broad skill-sets of our Interim Professionals cover a wide range of positions ranging from Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, and Team Leads down to Professional and Staff level positions.

Our Interim Professionals come with years of the appropriate educational and professional backgrounds, experience, and the requisite interpersonal skills to perform the necessary duties to start making a positive impact immediately.


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