Process Improvement & Optimization Strategy

Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies are constantly seeking ways to reduce costs, maximize throughput/efficiency, and increase predictability to maintain their competitive advantage and to increase shareholder value. For companies to achieve this goal, they must look for ways to optimize and/or improve current core business, quality, and manufacturing processes. At the same time, companies must also ensure that all procedures, processes, and products are in compliance with all appropriate regulatory requirements and industry guidance. This blending of optimization, improvement, and compliance is a vital fusion that should be planned and executed, and monitored appropriately using the right technical experts.

QualityHub’s process optimization experts can help identify and clarify how your current activities relate to overall short-term and long-term organizational performance goals. We can provide the following process optimization and improvement services:

  • Conduct process assessments/studies to identify optimization opportunities
  • Identify necessary skills, roles, technology, and procedures to create effective processes that support both organizational growth and development
  • Employ global harmonized standards and processes across the organization that are scalable with your business goals
  • Incorporate applicable regulatory requirements into processes
  • Align new technologies and processes with business goals
  • Assist in the development and monitoring of predefined performance criteria that are managed in order to verify effectiveness
  • Advocate management support to enhance likelihood of project success


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