Mergers & Acquisitions Quality System Harmonization

In order for Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies to accomplish their mission and vision, their quality system(s) must encompass the majority of their company’s processes and the processes of their global locations, which makes quality system harmonization as difficult as it is critical. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that a harmonized Quality Management System (QMS) — a system that integrates all components of a business into one coherent and effective system — is established and maintained throughout the organization.

Having a fully harmonized QMS in place enables your organization to meet the challenge to drive operational efficiency, and improve overall compliance with regulations such as ISO, FDA, EMEA, and other global regulatory agencies. In addition, harmonized Quality Management Systems can contribute to reduction in unwarranted costs, reduce risks, optimize processes, create consistency, enhance overall communication, and improve product quality.

QualityHub has the experience and expertise to develop and execute your organization’s quality system harmonization initiatives. We partner with your team and supplement your project needs with the technical expertise that can develop a QMS that unifies both quality and compliance in a fraction of the time and budget than what could be done using only internal resources.

When you partner with QualityHub, you are investing in more then a name; you are investing in a team of professionals that stand ready to execute and deliver world-class solutions to maximize your investment.


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